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    20ft Platform

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  • 40ft Collabsible flat

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    45ft High Cube Pallet Wide

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  • 20ft Saw shed

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Containers can also be used for purposes other than transport or storage. For special uses, we have designed a number of so-called specials, converted containers suitable for special projects and circumstances. Think, for example, of a sawing shed made of two linked sea containers, ideal for setting up as a large workshop.

Increasingly popular is the use of the terrace container, quick and easy to set up. As a catering entrepreneur, this container can be used as a pop-up terrace, but of course the terrace container is also perfect for leaving during the warmer months for more seating.

If you are dealing with exceptional transport that does not fit through the container doors or is difficult to fit through, our platform special is the ideal solution for transport that does not necessarily need to be covered and is easy to load and unload from above.

Check out our overview of specials for functional, unusual containers that come in handy in situations that call for a solution that is just a little different from standard storage or transport containers.