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Sedna delivers containers for the homeless

Containers are multi-purpose. This is demonstrated once again by the excellent collaboration between Sedna and Andre Weijers GWW, in which we are making a valuable contribution to the reception of the homeless in the municipality of Nijmegen by placing different types of containers. A special project of which we are particularly proud. In this blog, you can read more about the project and what function containers can have beyond transport or storage.

Accommodation containers for warm, comfortable shelter

Nijmegen municipality has been committed to the welfare of homeless people within its municipal boundaries for many years. To further improve the quality of homeless shelters, the Andre Weijers GWW, commissioned by the municipality, asked us in April 2021 to assist in the design of facilities that would provide warm shelter during the cold winter months. Together with those involved from Andre Weijers GWW, we mapped out the designated shelter location and coordinated which conditions the facilities should meet for a full, high-quality shelter for the homeless. Sedna deployed homeless shelter containers for this purpose.

The result? Placement of 15 accommodation containers, 3 sanitary containers and 2 security containers. We have designed the accommodation containers for homeless shelters to more than meet the basic needs of everyone who uses them. This means that the placed containers primarily provide shelter, an absolute necessity when it is inclement and cold outside. The containers also provide a temporary place to sleep, with the built-in heating the temperature inside the container is comfortable and the basic design also makes the accommodation containers a place where the homeless can really unwind.

Sanitary containers for personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is important for your health, but also for a certain sense of self-worth. Therefore, with the three sanitary containers placed, there is ample opportunity for the homeless to shower and use the available sanitary facilities such as urinals, toilets and sinks during the day. The sanitary containers are designed to ensure the users' privacy and give them a real moment to themselves to sort out their personal care. 

Homeless people are used to keeping their personal belongings close to them at all times, as it is often the only thing they have left. To relieve them of this, two security containers have been placed at the shelter, ensuring permanent supervision. The homeless can therefore leave their belongings at their sleeping place with peace of mind, and they can always leave the shelter for a while without fear of something happening to their personal belongings.

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