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Carreers at Sedna

Sedna wants to play at top level and seeks new talent

Our beautiful club is growing fast and we have big ambitions. To be able to play at top level, we are going to expand and strengthen our selection. And for that, we are looking for you!

Sedna Containers is an ambitious container company in Landsmeer, close to Amsterdam. We rent, sell and modify containers according to your wishes. In fact, 'container company' does not do us justice: we are a creative party that devises and implements specific solutions for and with customers. We do this for national and international clients. Besides the well-known 'standard' containers, customers can come to us for customised solutions. This includes tailor-made residential and office projects. Or high-quality containers for offshore and new industries such as renewable energy. We also offer solutions for events and festivals.

Our team consists of top players who know how to get the best out of themselves and each other every day. Who use their individual qualities to collectively go for profit. Anything is possible. To develop further as a club and to grow together with you, we are looking for someone who thinks in terms of solutions and possibilities. Someone who wants to step into the future with us.

As a developing company, we have one clear goal in mind: to play on the very highest stage in the world of containers. With a team of top players who have the same ambitions and passion for the game as we do. To that end, we are looking for strikers in sales, creative marketers, controlling midfielders in operations and constructive centre-backs in finance. Colleagues who go flat out on the pitch and have fun together off the pitch. A group of players who can tell each other a joke as easily as the truth.

With us, the transfer market always remains open. Are you looking for a starting place at Sedna? Then take a look at the vacancies below and tell us why we should select and draft you.

As soon as the order confirmation arrives, the ball is in your court. You make sure the requested container gets from A to B. On time, safely and in good condition.

Operations Officer Senior

As an experienced operations officer, you will be the controlling middle man responsible for everything that happens to our containers. From procurement to delivery to the customer....

Operational Officer Junior

Not sure? We are here to help.

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