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The website places cookies and uses similar techniques such as JavaScripts, pixels and web beacons. For convenience, we use the word 'cookies' here for all these techniques. We think it is important for you to know which cookies our website uses and what for. After all, we would like to guarantee your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website as much as possible.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that we place on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone during your visit to our websites or services. With cookies, we collect or store information about your website visit or your device. For example, the pages you visited or topics you read or clicked on. Do you return to our website later? Then we will recognise you and retrieve the stored information.

What types of cookies does Sedna Containers use?

Functional cookies

Sedna Containers places cookies that are necessary for websites or services to work properly. We always place these necessary cookies, if your browser settings allow it. Functional cookies are not privacy-sensitive and we therefore do not ask permission for their placement. These types of cookies remember your preferred settings, such as the language you want to read the website in.

Analytical cookies

Sedna Containers also uses analytical cookies. These are cookies that measure website traffic so that we can improve our website and services. Think about the number of visitors and the most visited pages. And to improve the website and make it more user-friendly. When setting analytical cookies, Sedna Containers is not obliged to ask for your prior consent in all cases. We distinguish between analytical cookies that have little or no impact on your privacy and analytical cookies that may have. In the latter case, we will always ask for your permission before we place such cookies. See our cookie overview for a list the cookies for which we require prior consent and cookies for which this is not necessary.

Online marketing cookies

Sedna Containers places tracking. (tracking) cookies after you have accepted them. We place these cookies in particular to enhance your user experience, improve our services and to be able to offer you personalised content, but also, for example, so that you do not see irrelevant advertisements on social media platforms. These types of cookies track you across our website and other channels through which we communicate with you (email, My Environment). Sedna Containers can compile target groups based on your (personal) data and combine them with other data Sedna Containers has previously collected from you via cookies and/or other communication channels. User target groups may, for example, consist of users who have visited certain pages of the Sedna Containers website within a certain period of time. 

Sedna Containers places cookies for personalisation to:

  • collect information about a user, including a user's activities, interests, visits to sites, demographic information or location;
  • create or edit a user profile to personalise content;
  • combine this information with other information previously collected to create or edit a user profile for use in personalising content;
  • display personalised content based on a user profile or other historical user data, including a user's previous activities, interests, site visits, location or demographic information.

We may also potentially share with third parties which Sedna Containers pages you visit, which device you use and at what time. They process this information for their own purposes. Want to know more? Read the privacy statements of these third parties. They explain what they do with the (personal) data they process via these types of cookies.

See our cookie overview for which cookies and which third parties are involved, for what purposes these cookies are set and for how long the cookies are stored. 

  • Overview of all cookies

Your privacy, our concern

Sedna Containers respects and safeguards your privacy. Our Privacy Policy tells you how we deal with your privacy and the processing of personal data. You can also find out what your rights are. And what we use your data for. Do you have any questions, comments or complaints? Please e-mail these to Please include your name and other contact details. You will receive a response from our privacy manager within two working days.

About this cookie statement

We may update the information on this page if there are new developments. For example, in the context of our business activities. We therefore recommend that you check this information regularly. This cookie statement was last updated on 09-08-2022.

You can change your cookie settings on our site at any time at :
Change cookie settings  (link to Cookie Popup)

Questions about cookies?

More information on cookies can be found on the website of the Consumer Association or at Your Online Choices

Do you have any questions, comments or complaints about the cookies on our website? If so, please mail them to Please include your name and other contact details. You will receive a response from our privacy manager within two working days.

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