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Containers perfect for circular economy

Circular Economy Week started today. In the coming days, entrepreneurs, education and government will take professionals and start-ups through the possibilities of circular entrepreneurship. The most important success stories will be widely shared so that they can be emulated as much as possible. What role do containers play in the circular economy? And what is Sedna doing to handle containers as sustainably as possible? Read more about it in this blog.

What is circular business?

Waste as few products or services as possible and do as long as possible with what you have. This thought forms the basis of the circular economy. Companies that are part of this system aim to make their product or service offerings fully circular. The aim is to build a sustainable economy in which raw materials, components and end products can be reused as much as possible. And that in the long run no waste, or at least as little as possible, is created. The overburdening of our living environment due to global warming and the global waste problem, among others, increase the urgency to further embrace circular business. At Sedna containers, we practice circular entrepreneurship by working with used containers.

The circular properties of containers

Containers fully fit the characteristics of a circular economy in several ways. First of all, depending on what the container is used for, a container lasts twenty to twenty-five years on average. This makes a container sustainable by definition. In addition, at the end of its lifetime, there are plenty of opportunities to reuse the container. For instance, the container can be taken apart and used for other purposes with a few modifications, or the remaining steel and wood can be reused separately. In this way, the container's lifespan is extended and loose parts or complete processed containers find their way to new users again.  

Used containers get a second life

Companies often do not know what to do with their old, worn-out containers. Many containers are simply disposed of at the end of their useful life, with no thought given to possible reuse. At Sedna, we therefore always try to inform our existing customers that we are always willing to recycle their containers on request repurchase and it is good for companies not yet familiar with Sedna to know that we offer this service.      

So what do we actually still use those old containers for? Whereas until a few years ago the container was used purely for transport, more and more creative ideas are emerging to a container for other projects utilise. Think of turning a used container into living space or (temporary) office. In addition, old containers are increasingly being converted into pop-up stores or mobile bar. Often, only a few minor modifications are needed to add doors, windows and a colourful design to the solid construction. In this way, the used container looks as good as new again. With this accommodation containers you can go in any direction and, by actively reusing these containers, contribute to strengthening our circular economy. A nice thought!

Wondering if your used container is still suitable to sell? Leave your details and we will send you a suitable proposal based on the information you provided.

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