Storage containers

Perfect for temporary storage.

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    4ft Storage (Corten Steel)

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Storage containers

Storage containers allow you to store goods, office equipment or tools (temporarily). Whether you need extra space to store company supplies, festival equipment or your tools in the backyard, storage containers can provide a practical solution. These containers make sure your things stay dry and clean, but most importantly, they are stored safely under lock and key.


One of the advantages of storage containers is that they are designed to accommodate professional, reliable container locks. This means you can optimally protect your goods and stock from theft and unauthorised access. Whether you are storing valuable business assets, seasonal decorations or personal belongings, a storage container offers the peace of mind that your possessions are safe.

Storage containers are generally made of lighter materials than shipping containers, making them easy to move to any location. They are flexible and suitable for various applications. Consider, for example, storage of building materials on a construction site, where you need easy access to the items you need. But storage containers are also suitable for temporary storage solutions while organising a festival, for example, where you can quickly and efficiently store and protect equipment.

In addition, storage containers are a convenient option for office storage. Whether you need extra filing space, want to store seasonal office furniture or keep stock, a storage container provides enough space and security for all your business needs. The convenience of an external storage space in the form of a storage container allows you to keep your office neat and organised.

Storage containers also offer many advantages for private use. Imagine you are regularly doing odd jobs in and around the house. A storage container in the backyard is a perfect solution for storing tools, work clothes and other supplies. Renting a storage container can also come in handy for a temporary job. You always have everything at hand and can work efficiently without having to constantly walk back and forth to fetch tools. It provides an organised and safe space for all your job materials.

At Sedna, we understand the different storage needs. That is why we have a wide selection of different types of storage containers in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a compact storage container for a small number of items or a larger container for storing large stocks, we have the right storage solution.