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40ft High Cube with wicket door and air-conditioning

Discover our 40ft High Cube Container, perfectly adapted to your needs with a range of convenient modifications.

With our wicket door, which not only provides an emergency exit, but also features escape route marking and a push bar type panic lock, it is suitable for optimum safety.

Our container is also equipped with a storm chain to prevent door slamming even in the harshest weather conditions, keeping your valuables safe.

With a full electrical installation and several sockets, this container provides all the power you need for your electrical appliances. Be it lights, tools or other electronics, you can easily connect and use everything.

  • Easy access

    The container is equipped with two wicket doors.

  • Loading and unloading?

    Easily through the container doors.

  • Emergency?

    The container features two emergency exits with a push-bar. So you're out quickly in case of emergency.

  • Endless

    This 40ft container provides a huge interior space. Fully insulated, fitted with lighting and cut-outs in the floor.

  • Air conditioning

    Perform work in comfortable conditions.

Variously applicable

The recess in the wooden floor, finished with an aluminium cover plate, offers extra durability and convenience, while high-quality sandwich panels, combined with air conditioning, provide insulation and a comfortable working environment whatever the weather.

These modifications make our container ideal for a wide range of applications, including construction, electrical engineering, marine and offshore, and industrial. With its versatility and functionality, our 40ft High Cube Container is the perfect choice for your projects, wherever you are.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
40ft High Cube - New
Now from €3,950.00 excl. VAT
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