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40ft High Cube Container with Grommets

This 40ft high cube container has been modified as a customised unit that perfectly suits the needs of modern water treatment plants. Our engineers fitted customised penetrations and various cut-outs, essential for integrating the container with the water treatment plants' existing systems and equipment.

Inside, the containers are insulated with sandwich panels to maintain a controlled environment for the equipment. The installation of a dedicated mounting for a high-pressure pump and the incorporation of a robust steel wicket door emphasise the functionality and safety required in the demanding environment of water treatment.

  • Front view

    This container has container doors at the front. On the side, some penetrations can already be seen.

  • Penetrations

    Suitable for cabling and pipe transit, among others.

  • Corporate identity

    Decked out in army green, this container blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

Ease of use

Safety and accessibility are further enhanced by a sturdy steel wicket door, which ensures safe entry and withstands the industrial challenges of a water treatment site. This door combines safety with ease of use, essential for sites requiring regular access.

Our containers are designed to increase efficiency on site by providing a reliable and safe space for essential equipment. These modifications ensure that the container is a valuable asset for any water treatment plant.

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40ft High Cube - New
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