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10ft Container in House Style and Logo

At Sedna Containers, we regularly transform standard containers into personalised work and storage spaces for every industry. Our latest project, a set of 10ft dv containers, was specifically adapted for use on various construction sites, with recognisability being key.

These compact but robust containers are fully customised in the corporate colours and feature the client's company logo. This promotes visibility and professionalism on the construction site, and also reinforces the company's brand identity in an often crowded environment.

  • Front view

    This container is fitted with container doors at the front.

  • Space

    This compact 10ft is bigger than you think, providing hefty storage space.

  • Corporate identity

    Features the colours red and white.

  • Uniform appearance

    The containers can be ordered per set and provide a uniform appearance.

Appearance on the construction site

The 10ft dv container provides ample space for safe storage of tools and materials, while its robust construction ensures durability and safety, essential on sites exposed to various weather conditions and harsh working conditions. These modifications were carried out with great care, with the aim of making the container not only functional but also presentable.

This container is the perfect solution for companies that need flexible, secure and professional-looking storage space on their construction sites. Whether for a temporary project or a long-term construction site, our containers are designed to meet your specific requirements.

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This Sedna container was used in this project:
10ft Sea container - New
Now from €3,150.00 excl. VAT
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