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20ft High Cube with Kirncroft wicket door

Step inside our 20ft High Cube Container, where innovation and comfort come together for an optimal experience. This container has been specially adapted to meet all your needs, with a range of convenient modifications that take your storage space to the next level.

With air-conditioning on board, you are guaranteed a pleasant temperature even on the hottest days. The Kirncroft steel wicket door, complete with steel grille, offers not only a sturdy entrance, but also an extra layer of security.

Our demountable suspension outside ISO for Split-level air conditioner ensures efficient and optimised airflow, while the recessed steel vane grille ensures reliable ventilation.

  • Converted 20ft

    This 20ft container features a standard practical modification.

  • Wicket door

    Thus, it is equipped with a wicket door and two ventilation grilles.

  • Insulation and recess

    The container is fully insulated and has two cut-outs in the side wall.

  • View

    All that made from a standard 20ft, you see.

Thought of everything

With insulation through sandwich panels, the temperature inside the container remains constant, while the finishing strip senzimir for insulation panels offers a neat finish.

And if that is not enough, we have also provided a convenient grommet in the side of the container, so you can easily connect cables or other supplies.

In short, our 20ft High Cube Container is not just another storage unit, but perfect for all your storage needs.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
20ft High Cube - New
Now from €2,425 excluding VAT
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