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40ft High Cube with Grommets

Whether you are looking for extra space for your business, need a secure storage place for your valuables, or are looking for a flexible option for your logistics needs, our 40ft High Cube Container is ready for you. With a range of modifications designed to meet all your needs, this is not just another container; it is a customised solution you can trust.

The Kirncroft wicket door makes access to your container not only easy, but also secure, allowing you to store your valuables with confidence. Side penetrations allow you to connect tubes and other supplies effortlessly, allowing you to get started on your projects quickly.

Thanks to insulation with sandwich panels, the temperature inside the container remains stable, which is essential for preserving sensitive goods. The grille on the outside of the container doors ensures optimal ventilation and air circulation, contributing to a healthy and fresh storage environment.

  • Side view

    The long side features as many as three grommets.

  • Access door

    In addition, the container is equipped with an access door on the short side.

  • Other side

    The container has two grommets on the other side.

  • Insulation and length

    The container has insulation along its entire length. This ensures optimum temperature.


With the levelling plate on the underside of the crossmembers, your container is always firm and stable, even on the most uneven surfaces, so you don't have to worry about wobbling or shifting.

Preserving by blasting and spraying, you can rely on durable and long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear and tear, so your container will always look like new, no matter how often and what you use it for.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
40ft High Cube - New
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