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20ft Offshore Container

The 20ft offshore container offers specific advantages for the offshore industry, where operations such as those at sea, within wind farms, and on drilling rigs, require customised solutions.

Compared to the standard 20ft shipping container, which is designed for general use, the 20ft offshore container is built with a reinforced structure to withstand the extreme conditions of the sea. Its durability against corrosion and severe weather makes it a reliable choice for the offshore industry. The 20ft offshore container meets strict standards and boasts certifications such as DNV. These certifications confirm its suitability for specific offshore applications, especially for tasks that include lifting and moving under harsh conditions.

  • Offshore

    The container for drilling rigs, wind farms or simply at sea. With corrosion-resistant steel, this container rusts less than a standard shipping container.

    20ft offshore container
  • Sturdy lifting eyes

    The container is fitted with extra sturdy lifting eyes.

  • Equipped with numbering all around

    Even the top of this container features container numbers.

  • Modifications?

    This container is also definitely suitable for various modifications. From insulation and heating, to lighting or shelving.

Fully customisable

Adapted to the needs of offshore projects, the 20ft offshore container can feature extras such as built-in shelving, insulation and ventilation systems. This supports the safe transport and storage of materials and equipment essential for work at sea. This container is designed for the diversity of applications in the offshore industry. From logistics support on wind farms to essential services on drilling rigs, the 20ft offshore container provides a reliable basis for managing materials efficiently and safely.

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20ft standard - DNV 2.7-1 offshore
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