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20ft High Cube Side Door Drip tray

We all know the videos where leaked paint causes chaos and mess. Fortunately, we at Sedna Containers have the perfect solution for that.

Discover the versatile 20ft High Cube Side Door drip tray container, specially designed for storing liquids such as paint.

The drip tray container is ideal for storing paint and other liquids. The container has a grid floor, which ensures that any spilled liquids can drain easily and the floor remains dry. The container is easy to empty due to the drip tray.

  • 20ft side door, right?

    With both container doors on the short and long sides, it is a real eye-catcher.

  • Huge cargo space

    The loading space through the side is both practical and gigantic.

  • Drip tray

    Perfect for collecting leaked liquids, such as paint. Prevents damage to the environment.

  • Close

    Neatly closed via container doors on the side.

  • Two modes

    The container doors on the side can be fully opened.

  • Two modes

    But also compact, as shown here.

In addition, the container has a full electrical installation, allowing you to connect lights and other electrical equipment if necessary to make the container complete for any use.

Our 20ft High Cube Side Door drip tray container is designed to protect the floor from any liquid spills, minimising damage to the environment.

In addition, the High Cube variant offers extra height, providing more storage space for larger quantities of paint or other liquids. The convenient Side Door provides easy access to the container from the side, making loading and unloading materials quick and simple.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
20ft High Cube side door - New
Now from €6,000.00 excl. VAT
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