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20ft High Cube Double Door with Wicket Door

Discover our 20ft High Cube Double Door Container, a versatile solution for all your storage needs. This container is designed to meet your requirements for convenience and functionality, with a range of convenient features that simplify your work.

With a full electrical installation and several sockets, this container provides all the power you need for your electrical appliances. Be it lights, tools or other electronics, you can easily connect and use everything.

In addition, the light sockets in the container ensure a bright and well-lit environment, so you always have a good view of your stored goods.

  • Double door and wicket door

    This container comes as a standard double door. We have added another door for convenience.

  • Electrical installation

    The container is equipped with electrical installation including lighting.

  • Insulation

    Fully insulated with fire-retardant sandwich panels.

  • Electricity

    Easy to connect to nearby electrical supply.

Fire safety

Safety is also a priority, which is why this container is insulated with flame-extinguishing sandwich panels, protecting your belongings from fire hazards.

Last but not least, the floor of the container features durable PVC flooring, which not only ensures a neat appearance, but is also easy to clean, allowing you to keep your container in optimal condition at all times.

In short, with our 20ft High Cube Double Door Container, you not only get a spacious and safe storage space, but also a container equipped with all the features you need for smooth and efficient operation.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
20ft High Cube Double Door - New
Now from €3,800 excluding VAT
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