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20ft High Cube Container with Modifications

Container and modifications

We completely modified a new 20ft high cube container for a client. The container was completely repainted, with the door rods removed for spray painting. These door rods were replaced after drying. The container was fitted with a gas spring hatch on the side. An ISO box was also used to fit the electrical connection within the specified ISO dimensions. Furthermore, the connections for the air conditioning unit have been prepared. For transport reasons, the air conditioning unit is mounted on site. Kirncroft sliding windows with shutters have also been fitted on the other side, so that sufficient daylight can enter when working in the container during the day.


The 20ft High Cube container gives enormous practical space. This is due to its length of 6 metres, width of 2.5 metres and the extra height of the High Cube variant. Because ISO dimensions have been taken into account, this container is still suitable for road transport and can be used at various locations. The electrical installation including lighting, the air conditioning and the sliding windows ensure a practical container for use in all kinds of conditions. The container is also insulated with sandwich panels, ensuring that it remains usable in the colder months.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
20ft High Cube - New
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