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20ft Combi Container

First of all, we installed a wicket door and a tilt-and-turn window behind the standard container doors, allowing easy access and ventilation. This is essential for a good working environment. In addition, the window provides daylight inside the container.

In addition, the container has a full electrical installation, including a NEN inspection, ensuring that all electrical needs are provided with compliance to the applicable safety standards. To facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, we have also installed an additional set of container doors on the long side of the container.

  • Standard?

    At first glance, this container too looks like a standard 20ft container. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Surprise

    Behind the standard container doors we find a Kirncroft wicket door and tilt-and-turn window.

  • No side door

    The container is not a side door, despite having doors on the long side. The difference with a side door is that the entire long side can be opened.

  • Practical

    Only the wicket door can also be made accessible.

  • Get rid of those doors

    The container doors are easily stored away so that they are not in the way when not in use.

  • Additional doors

    The container is fitted with container doors on the long side.


The sheds of the container are insulated with 40mm thick ESP panels and sandwich panels, providing optimum insulation. For the office area, we chose PVC flooring with a Wala floor and skirting boards, contributing to a neat finish.

These modifications result in a functional and practical storage solution that meets our customers' requirements.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
20ft Sea container - New
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