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16ft Maritime Workshop container

We completely customised a workshop container for a client in the maritime sector. This container was first shortened from a 20ft sea container to a length of 16ft. Our client was looking for a compact container where the space could be arranged practically. The container is now applied as storage space and mostly used along the coast, on oil rigs and on ships. The large-area shelving ensures easy and organised storage. Stock can be safely stored in the locked filing cabinet.


This shortened 20ft container has now been given a more compact length of 16ft. The workshop container still complies with current ISO standards by using a so-called ISO bin on the long side for the connection of power current. In addition, the container has been re-inspected according to Lloyd's CSC inspection, compatible with the latest quality and safety requirements. The electrical installation further equips the container with lighting and wall sockets. The workshop container can be securely locked at any time with the lockbox and matching block lock.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
20ft Sea container - Used
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