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10ft Sea container

Discover the versatile modifications we have made to our 10ft DV shipping container at Sedna Containers.

To start with, we installed a plate against the right wall, along with a tube against the ceiling and an ISO plug box in the right wall. These modifications provide an optimised layout and functionality of the container.

  • Compactness

    This 10ft container is compact but big on applicability.

  • Double trouble

    Once dipped in the house style, these containers are labelled with the container numbers, making identification easy.

  • Electrical installation

    These containers are equipped with electrical installation, including lighting so that the container and its contents are always well lit.

  • Connection within ISO

    Due to the recess through the ISO bin, the container does not protrude beyond the standard dimensions and is easy and safe to transport.

  • The more, the better?

    These containers are ready to conquer the construction site.


We also painted the container in corporate colours, using a combination of two colours for a striking and professional look. The container number is also clearly displayed on the door, making identification and tracking easy.

As for the electrical installation, we have ensured that the container is equipped with all necessary features. This includes a 230V 16A appliance socket and an LED fixture. In addition, we ensured that both the container and the doors are earthed, and carried out a NEN inspection to ensure that everything meets the applicable safety standards.

In short, with our 10ft DV shipping container, you are assured of a high-quality and fully customised solution that meets all your needs.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
10ft Sea container - New
Now from €3,050 excluding VAT
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