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10ft DV with grommets

To start with, we spray-painted the container in the client's house style, ensuring a recognisable appearance.

In addition, we installed a high-quality Teckentrup door, including welding frame. Known for its durability and safety, this door provides optimal protection for the container's contents.

  • Front view

    At first glance, this is a standard 10ft container. Just wait until it turns a corner.

  • Penetrations

    The container is fully fitted with grommets, making it multi-purpose.

  • Teckentrup door

    This high-quality door is known for its safety, insulation and versatility of applications.

  • Hole cheese

    The grommets ensure that the space is there for cables and the like to enter and exit the container.

Big in possibilities

To protect the exterior of the container from weather, we carried out a preservation process by blasting and spraying the exterior.

The penetrations were carefully finished, and we blasted and sprayed the penetrations on both the inside and outside of the container, including the header at the bottom and the rest of the container door frame. The container's corner blocks were also co-painted.

The strips placed in the floor are also included in the blasting and spraying process. This provides a nice finish to the container.

Finally, the doors and grilles were painted at the same time as the container, guaranteeing that all parts were the same colour.

With these extensive modifications, our 10ft DV shipping container not only offers a practical solution, but also a durable and professional appearance that meets our customer's needs. Sedna Containers guarantees high-quality container solutions that meet all your requirements.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
10ft Sea container - New
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