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10ft DV with air conditioning and wicket door

At Sedna Containers, we transform standard containers into customised solutions that meet a wide range of needs. Our 10ft DV container is the perfect example of this.

This container features a high-quality wicket door for safe and easy access. This addition makes the container accessible and user-friendly, ideal for frequent access such as in storage rooms, mobile offices, studios or as temporary work areas.

  • Front view

    The container has kept its standard container doors. That is more or less the only thing that has remained the same.

  • Wicket door

    This container is also equipped with a wicket door for easy access.

  • Air conditioning

    For extra comfort, we have also equipped the container with air conditioning. Comfortable and cool.

  • Air conditioning inside ISO

    Here you can clearly see that the air conditioning unit is placed within the ISO dimensions. This makes the container easy to move, without fear of damaging any protruding parts.

Air conditioning
Keeps cool.

We fitted the container with a complete electrical installation, including lighting and multiple sockets, to meet all energy needs. This modification transforms the container into a fully functional warehouse or workshop, ready to meet your specific requirements.

For optimal comfort all year round, the container is equipped with an air-conditioning system. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate, for the storage of temperature-sensitive products.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
10ft Sea container - New
Now from €3,150.00 excl. VAT
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