Plus line - Sanitary window - panel (7016)

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    • Sanitary-window-panel-plusline
    • Sanitary-window-panel-plusline


    • Colour RAL 7016
    • Type Panel
    • Brand Containex
    • Suitable for container Accommodation


    Window panels are indispensable when you use a container as accommodation. After all, not only do you want your accommodation container to look good, most importantly, window panels also make a functional contribution when you install them. By applying window panels, you can look outside, but sometimes, on the contrary, you want your others not to be able to look inside from outside. That is the case when you use (part of) the Plus Line container as a sanitary facility. A sanitary window panel is then ideal. When you use the toilet, you are not in a completely dark cubicle, but the window is also made in such a way that you cannot see through. Good for your peace of mind.

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