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    Are you planning to equip a container as a temporary workplace? At SEDNA you can find a number of handy accessories to equip the container with practical furnishings. If you regularly use the container to work in, a desk is indispensable. The desk is an ideal place to sit, but it also offers plenty of space to store things. For example, when you are working on a construction site and want to have a clear view of the site's construction drawings. The desk is also a suitable piece of furniture for storing your administration, so you don't have to take it home every day.

    At SEDNA, you can buy or rent a desk for the container. Renting a desk is recommended if you only use the container as a workplace for a short period of time and want to be able to be flexible with the set-up.


    Depending on the accessory you order, the transport price will be calculated. Generally, we try to make sure the accessories are delivered at the same time as the container. The delivery charge for the delivery of accessories is variable per product or for numbers of products.