Big box rack

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  • High bay racking system for rent
  • High bay racking system for rent


If you use a container for storage of goods, then you want to make the best use of the space in this storage container. In some cases, it is not convenient to just stack goods loosely on top of each other, but you have more of a need to categorise the items. In that case, installing a large-shelf rack is recommended. By installing large-shelf racks against the container walls, you effectively use the storage space and can store your stock in an orderly manner. Because they are set up on the sides of the container, you still have enough space left in the middle to move around the container. This also makes it possible to store extra stock in the container in addition to the large-rack racks.

Depending on the size of your storage container, SEDNA allows you to purchase bulk racking of various sizes. Make a price enquiry via our website right now!


Depending on the accessory you order, the transport price will be calculated. Generally, we try to make sure the accessories are delivered at the same time as the container. The delivery charge for the delivery of accessories is variable per product or for numbers of products.