Full glazing - Panel (5010)

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    • Full glazing panel
    • Full glazing panel


    • Colour RAL5010
    • Type CTXP0011-5010
    • Brand Containex
    • Suitable for container Accommodation


    Containers and glass go together perfectly. Especially when a container is converted into a home, the use of glass gives it a sleek look. When personalising the container, the window panel with full glazing is therefore a frequently used component. The great advantage of a full-glazed panel is that the walls of glass give a nice spatial effect to the container. If the window panels are installed on several sides, the full glazing also ensures sufficient views around the container. Keep in mind that it can get very hot when the sun shines on the glass all day. Therefore, pay close attention to where you place the glass in the casing of your container.

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    Depending on the accessory you order, the transport price will be calculated. Generally, we try to make sure the accessories are delivered at the same time as the container. The delivery charge for the delivery of accessories is variable per product or for numbers of products.