Electricity - panel (9010)

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    • Electrical panel
    • Electrical panel


    • Colour RAL9010
    • Type CTXP0007-9010
    • Brand Containex
    • Suitable for container Accommodation


    A container is the perfect solution when you temporarily need some extra workspace, for example during a renovation, an event or as a work and lunch area on a construction site. Such an accommodation container can be arranged flexibly, tailored to the purpose for which you are using it. If you want to provide the container with electricity, you will also want to hide all cables and connections as well as possible. An electricity panel is the answer. The electricity panel is handy and easy to integrate into the existing container wall behind which the electricity distribution point is located. This eliminates the problem of loose cables and wires and allows you to solve electricity problems quickly because you can easily move the panel.

    The electrical panels have a standard size, but they can of course also be customised by SEDNA. So you can effortlessly incorporate the electrical panel into the superstructure of your accommodation container. Order them now via our website!


    Depending on the accessory you order, the transport price will be calculated. Generally, we try to make sure the accessories are delivered at the same time as the container. The delivery charge for the delivery of accessories is variable per product or for numbers of products.