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Additional customisation and high
worthy implementation options

The Plus Line features the latest generation of containers where innovation and comfort are paramount. Do you need a sustainable container solution with attention to a professional interior? Or are you working on a project in which the attractive design of your container should add to its appeal? Then our Plus Line containers perfectly suit your needs.

Containers are increasingly used as a permanent solution for living or working space. This requires heightened attention to the design of both the outside and inside of the container. Plus Line containers feature professional thermal insulation and are acoustically optimised on the inside. A flexible panel system with various design options also allows you to customise the outside of the container. Think about additional doors, windows or even full glazing.

Plus Line

The endless execution options of the Plus Line allow you to personalise your container in detail. This ensures that you can use the Plus Line containers anywhere:

  • Unique glazing options create an open look for your office or shop
  • Comprehensive design options give the container an attractive appearance in the outdoor area
  • Ideally suited to be customised as sales space
  • Practical application as canteen or work container in the construction industry
  • Creating spatial solutions with comfortable, functional furnishings

Endless implementation options

Container customisation endless execution options
  • Attractive modern design
  • Acoustically optimised interior space
  • Professional hot insulation
  • High-quality exterior and interior design options
  • Flexible panel system for variable exterior decoration

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Or choose Classic Line for flexible,
modular applications

Do you need functionality and practicality from your container? Then our Classic Line containers are also well worth a look. These containers are suitable for any indoor or outdoor space because of the wide choice of sizes and can also be further customised with options for colour, glazing and layout of the space.

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