Pipe storage system

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  • Pipe storage system
  • Pipe storage system


You want to be able to set up a storage container so that you can store different types of goods in it. A handy tool that is widely used is the pipe storage system, ideal when you want to store some larger, heavier items easily. The rack's supports are specially angled for extra carrying capacity and each individual support has a stopper attached to the end for extra safety. By attaching the pipe storage system a little higher on the container wall, you will keep enough space to store other goods on the container floor. You attach these racks without having to drill, which also prevents damage to the container when you take them off again.

At SEDNA, we have different pipe storage systems available, depending on the height of your container. Make a price request via the website right now!


Depending on the accessory you order, the transport price will be calculated. Generally, we try to make sure the accessories are delivered at the same time as the container. The delivery charge for the delivery of accessories is variable per product or for numbers of products.