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20ft Storage container with racking

This container is not just another standard shipping container, but a fully equipped storage container designed to meet all your needs. To ensure that your goods can be stored safely and efficiently, we have installed custom-made racks with fall protection. These racks not only ensure organised storage, but also provide extra safety for your employees.

  • Electrical connection

    This container is equipped with electrical connection. A recess has been made for this on the top left.

  • Convenient layout

    The container is fitted with racks according to customer requirements.

  • Wide access

    Entry through container doors provides ample access.

  • Safe to close

    The container is equipped with lockbox, allowing it to be securely closed.

Pythagoras is nothing like it.

In addition, we have provided a full electrical installation including lighting, so you will always have a good view of your stored goods, even in the dark. Moreover, we applied the customer's company logo to the container, although this is not visible in the photos. This creates a professional look and increases the company's brand recognition.

To ensure that the container meets all requirements for international transport, we have kept everything within CSC dimensions so that the container can be shipped after an inspection. In addition, we have installed an iso container with electrical connection, allowing your goods to be stored safely while providing the necessary power supply.

In short, with our fully equipped 20ft shipping container, you are assured of a safe, efficient and professional storage solution for all your goods. At Sedna Containers, we aim to provide tailor-made container solutions that meet your specific needs and the highest quality standards.

This Sedna container was used in this project:
20ft Sea container - New
Now from €2,300 excluding VAT
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